What’s the difference between the half day and full day tours?

There are two differences between the half day and the full day trip. 1. We use the sailing catamaran for the full day and the power catamaran for the half day. 2. The full day includes a beach bbq (hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled fish, veggie burgers, punch, rum punch and assorted chips).

How many people does the boat hold?

The full day boat holds 39 passengers. The half day boat holds 49 passengers.

What should I bring?

Please come with your swimsuit on, have a towel and sun protection.

Are pregnant women allowed?


Are children allowed?

Yes. As long as the parents are comfortable with children on board we are comfortable with children on board.

Do we have to bring our own snorkel gear?

No, we provide all the gear. If you would like to bring your own gear you are welcome to do so.

Do you have prescription masks?

No. There is a dive shop up the street that sells prescription masks but they don’t rent them out.

What is the temperature of the water?

In the winter it can get down to 76 degrees and in the summer it can be up to 85 degrees.

Directions to the store/departure for the tours?

We are located at the bottom of Queen Cross Street where it meets the boardwalk.

Where do we park?

There is a parking lot on the corner of Strand Street and King Cross Street. The charge is $1/hour or $5 for the day.

Do I need a rash guard?

We highly recommend sun protection and a rash guard is an excellent choice.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If there are passing showers we still go out. If there is something more than that going on the Captain may decide to cancel the trip. If we cancel we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. If we cancel the trip due to weather we either offer to reschedule your tour or give you a refund.

What is your cancellation/change policy?

Our cancellation policy is 48 hours. If you cancel your tour 48 hours before the departure time you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your tour within 48 hours of the departure time we offer you a 50% refund.

How long is the snorkeling?

Up to 2 hours. You can snorkel at the beach at the West end of Buck Island as well as over on the East end at the reef.

Where do we snorkel?

The best snorkeling is at the East end of Buck Island at the reef where the Underwater Trail is located. You can also snorkel off the beach at the West End.

How deep is the water?

Average depth is 10 feet.

Are there lockers or a safe place for valuables on the boat?

We don’t have lockers on the boat. Most people just leave their things in their bags on the benches. The Captain stays on the boat while people are at the beach and at the reef snorkeling.

Is it safe to leave my valuables in the rental the car?

If you leave things in the trunk where they are not visible, then yes. We recommend you take things on the boat or leave them with the store crew.

Will my things get wet?

The crew can show you where the dry area is on the boat. If you put your things on the deck they will probably get wet.

Can I bring a camera?

You may bring a camera on board, but please keep in mind that by doing so, you are doing it at your own risk.

Can I smoke on the boat?

No. You can smoke at the beach but you will need to put the butts somewhere (a plastic water bottle works well).

Will I get seasick?

Each person is different, and we cannot predict if you will become sea sick or not. Chances of getting seasick are higher if you are prone to motion sickness such as car sick or air sick. When in doubt, take preventative measures!

What can I do to prevent sea sickness?

Take a seasickness preventative beforehand. While on the boat, make sure to have access to fresh air, and make sure you can see the horizon at all times. Also avoid the restroom if you are feeling ill. Please inform our Captain and crew if you are feeling ill.

Do you sell sea sickness preventatives?

Yes, we sell Dramamine and Motionease in our store.

What’s the best seasickness preventative?

There is no proven preventative to be better than the other, but our captains recommend taking Dramamine or Motionease. Ask your doctor what is best for you.

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options?

On the full day trip veggie burgers are available. You are welcome to bring anything of your own and use the cooler on board.

What are the age limits for children on each tour?

There are no age limits for the tours.

Do you run tours every day/are you open every day?

Yes. We run tours every single day - the only day we are closed is December 25th, Christmas Day.

Will we see dolphins?

It is possible but they are wild animals and we cannot guarantee this.

Will we see turtles?

We occasionally see turtles throughout the day, but we cannot guarantee them.

Can we swim with the turtles?


What kind of sea life do we see?

Lots of tropical fish like parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, damselfish, wrasse, jacks, snappers, trumpetfish, and many more.

Do we need to bring cash on board for anything?

No, as there is nothing to buy on the boat or island. If you would like to leave a tip for the crew then please bring cash.

Can I wear shoes on board?

We don’t allow any shoes on board unless you have a medical condition and need to wear shoes. Please inform the store staff at check in and captain during boarding if this is the case.

Do we need to bring our own towels?


Can we bring a bag on board?


Do you sell seasickness preventatives on board?


What time is lunch served?

Lunch is served generally around 1:30pm.

Will I get wet?

There is always a chance of getting splashed, especially near the front of the boat. Please ask the captain for the best place to stay dry on our tours.

Will I get service with my phone?


Can I bring food/ snacks on board?

Yes but please nothing in glass. We have a cooler on board for your use.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes but please nothing in glass.

Will there be shade on board?

Yes. On the sail boat Renegade there is space for about 8 passengers under cover and you can also be in the shade of the sail. On the power boat Adventure there is a large area under cover with shade.

Do I need sunscreen? Can I bring spray sunscreen?

It is highly recommended to wear and bring sunscreen on our tours. We do not allow the spray sunscreen on board any of our vessels as it can make the surfaces of the boats slippery and dangerous. Cream sunscreens are encouraged on board.

Do we get to sail at all?

Yes, we love to sail! While we need to use motors part of the trip there is almost always great sailing conditions for the rest of the trip.

How long does it take to get to your harbor from the North shore?

About 30 minutes by car.

From South shore? (Divi Hotel) 35-40 minutes by car.

West end? (Fredriksted) About 30 minutes by car.

East end? If you are all the way out East by Point Udal about 30 minutes by car.

What's the capacity of people you take on board?

We take 49 passengers on the half day tours and 39 passengers on the full day tours.

Do you do pick ups/drop offs/ shuttle service from our hotel?

We do not provide any drop off/pickup/shuttle service. You will need to find your own transportation to downtown Christiansted where our trips depart.

I’m not an experienced snorkeler/swimmer- do you provide instructions/assistance in water?

We do provide instruction on how to snorkel and use the snorkel gear. We also provide snorkel vests which aid in flotation, and one of our crew members takes you on an orientation tour of the reef.

I can’t swim - can I still go?

Yes, you can still enjoy our tours even if you don’t know how to swim.

I can’t swim – can I snorkel?

If you are comfortable in water over your head with a flotation device, we may be able to get you into the water.

Can I bring crutches on board?


Can I bring a cane on board?


Can I bring a walker on board?

Yes, as long as you can board the vessel safely. We ask passengers with reduced mobility to remain seated while the boat is under way.

Are there life vests on board? Child size life vests?

All of our vessels are equipped with adult and child size life vests.

Do we have to wear life vests?

We do not require you to wear life vests while the vessel is underway, but if you would like to, you may.

When do you take payment?

We take payment at the time of booking.

How do we contact you?

Our local number is 340-773-4482. Our store is open to walk ins and phone calls from 8am to 6pm Monday – Saturday and 8am to 5pm on Sunday (Atlantic time). Our website is www.bigbeards.com and we encourage our guests to check out our pictures, videos, boat information and tour descriptions on our website. If you would like to email us or share photos or feedback, our email is info@bigbeards.com. Our store is located at the bottom of Queen Cross Street where it meets the board walk in downtown Christiansted.

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